Kia Service from Vanguard Kia of Arlington Keeps You on the Road

Kia keeps you on the road in Arlington, TX when you make sure to get regular service maintenance on your vehicle. Kia offers service with a smile. You'll feel right at home when you come in to get that regular care for your vehicle. Soon after you buy your new or used Kia, you'll want to check the schedule to keep it performing as well at 200,000 miles as it is right now. You'll get your money's worth out of your purchase because it will last longer. Routine maintenance is easy to do. Here is a basic schedule of service and tips at Vanguard Kia of Arlington for your new Kia.

Common Services

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Check engine air filter
  • Check cabin air filter
  • Brake pad checks
  • Tire pressure checks
  • Fluid checks
  • Belt checks
  • Spark plug check
  • Battery check

You must do this maintenance at certain regular intervals. Contact your owner's manual to see exactly when. When it's time, call us in Arlington, TX and set up an appointment. Many services are part of the warranty if you have one. When you follow the schedule, you'll have a vehicle that runs far longer than one that doesn't. Always check in when it's time.

Expert Kia Service

When it's time to see us for something serious, we are here with trained professionals that can help. They'll run diagnostics to see what is happening with your vehicle. Odd sounds and a check engine light can leave you feeling scared. Let us take the fear out of vehicle service. We can help you with any of your questions about your Kia. Here are some of the expert Kia services that we see.

  • Steering issues
  • Suspension problems
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Grinding brakes
  • Transmission problems
  • Bad alternators
  • Starter issues
  • Ignition coils that go bad
  • Distributor problems
  • Sensors that go out
  • O2 Sensors that need to be replaced
  • Clutches that go out
  • Engine failure
  • Questions and Weird Sounds

Have you ever been driving and heard an odd sound? If you have, then you know how upsetting it can be. It's traumatic for some people. Sometimes it just needs a tune-up. It would be best if you had your Kia tuned up every 7,500 miles. You should also have the oil changed on that time frame as well. Here are some other intervals that you need to know about to keep your Kia running perfectly.

  • At 30,000 miles, you need to have the basics done and have your fluids replaced.
  • When you reach 37,500 miles, you must replace your drive belt.
  • At 45,000 miles, you need to replace all filters, along with the oil and brake checks.
  • When you reach 60,000 miles, you need to replace the timing belt and spark plugs.
  • If you maintain that schedule, most odd sounds will never happen. Your Kia will run perfectly and keep you safe on the roads.

Why Service With Us

We offer the best service and maintenance for your Kia vehicle. Allow our trained professionals to help. Prevent issues before they happen by keeping the preventative maintenance up. We promise to meet your needs and provide satisfaction with our services. You'll feel like you're with family when you have your Kia serviced with us. If you have a warranty, then it's all covered. We can handle preventative service and your expert service concerns. All you have to do is come by and check in. Let us handle the rest.

The regular service visits will help you save money on gas consumption. Your vehicle will perform better on the road. You'll be safer. If you want to sell it later, then you must keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. When you need service for your Kia in Arlington, TX, give us a call to set up an appointment. We'll keep you on the road.




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