We've Got Your Parts Covered

   Genuine Kia Parts are built for your Kia - body panels match up perfectly, brakes stop as designed, and high quality materials help reduce corrosion and wear. Protect your investment and always ask for Genuine Kia Parts for the perfect fit and finish.
Not all parts are created equal.
It can be difficult to know all the different types of auto parts you'll encounter in today's repair marketplace. Below are some terms you might come across working with independent repair facilities and insurance companies. 
   Aftermarket parts are manufactured and supplied by a company other than Kia. Aftermarket parts suppliers work to create their own product by copying a Genuine Kia Part, but have no affiliation with actual Genuine Kia Parts. Aftermarket parts may not have been tested for proper function or were not approved by Kia for use on Kia vehicles. These parts are not covered by any Kia warranties.
 Salvage parts are parts which are usually obtained from wrecked or totaled vehicles or vehicles which have been disposed of after their useful lives. Their origin and use is unknown. With no history, it' possible that the reliability and fit may have been compromised. These parts are not covered by any Kia warranties. Salvage parts may also be referred to as "Like Kind and Quality.  
  Counterfeit parts are usually designed to deceive consumers by copying the appearance of Genuine Kia Parts, but are not made for, nor distributed by Kia. Often sourced from distributors outside the country, these parts may look identical or be boxed similarly to Genuine Kia Parts, but are not. Counterfeit parts are likely untested for vehicle safety, fit, or function.

We've Got Your Parts Covered

100% Genuine. No Exceptions.

Genuine Kia Parts are specifically manufactured from original engineering specs to ensure the same exceptional quality, performance, and safety as when you first drove your Kia off the lot. Plus, they're covered by our 12-month Replacement Parts Limited Warranty*. When it' time to replace a part, you should make sure you're using only the best.

At Vanguard Kia, we have the Genuine Kia Parts that you need, including:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Oil Filters
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Collision Parts
  • Batteries
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Service Fluids
  • Engine Air Filters
Genuine Vs. Not So Genuine. There is no comparison. 

 Brake PadsResponds and stop as designed
Smooth top
High quality pads

Genuine Kia brake pads are designed, built, an tested to work together on your Kia. Choose Genuine Kia brake pads so they continue to function as designed. 
 Body PanelsGuaranteed performance and fit
High quality steel
Covered by Kia warranty**
Designed for your Kia to original specs

Genuine Kia body panels are engineered with the same steamlined fit and factory quality as the original panel, for the ideal finish. Designed for your Kia, Genuine Kia body panels install quickly and easily. High quality Kia factory workmanship goes into all Genuine Kia Parts.

Our Arlington, TX Parts Center Focuses on Quality

Quality is hard to come. More and more dealerships are cutting corners and using inferior parts to drive prices down. Not our Dallas,TX area dealership. Our parts center values getting the job done right the first time and that is why we offer high-quality OEM auto parts for a premium price!

OEM car parts are designed and engineered for your specific vehicle. They are built with more care than generic parts and tend to last longer. This means that they don't tend to break down as quickly, which means that there will be longer intervals between necessary repairs. If you are utilizing our service center, that would mean less money spent on labor costs and more money left in your pocket!

Our OEM Auto Parts

Whether you're from Fort Worth or Irving or beyond, your car will eventually need servicing. If you enjoy repairing it yourself or have a trusted mechanic that you take your Kia to then be sure to buy your parts from our parts center. We house an extensive collection of quality OEM parts. Some of these parts include:

  • Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Coolant
  • Coolant Filter
  • Tires
  • Brake Pads
  • Batteries
  • Air Filters
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brake Discs
  • Windshield Wipers
  • And MORE!

The parts listed are only the tip of the iceberg for everything we have available. Call or stop by our parts center today and consult with our staff and they would be more than happy to help you find the exact car part that you are looking for. If we don't happen to have that specific part in our inventory then be sure to check with our staff and they might be able to order it for you. Our team will then notify you once it arrives.

Auto Parts Specials

Many folks, at the end of the day, side with generic parts because they are cheaper. Although, their low quality can have you spending more money in the long run. In an effort to promote using OEM parts and giving our Haltom City drivers, and drivers beyond, a bit of a break in the vehicle repair process, our dealership offers numerous specials and incentives.

These specials can mitigate the cost of certain parts by packaging them together or offering reduced rates. Our specials are constantly rotating to provide our guests with numerous buying options. If you see a special that you can utilize then don't hesitate because it may not be there tomorrow!

On the other hand, if you don't see a special that is advantageous to you then consult with our staff. An overlooked oil change or an ignored check engine light can easily snowball into a costly repair so be sure to work with our staff and they can make recommendations on the best way to repair your vehicle.

Utilize Our Grand Prairie Service Center

Our service center only uses the OEM parts from our parts center. They do this ensure that their work is of the highest quality. If you are having trouble repairing your car, truck or SUV at home then schedule your next automotive repair at our service center!

Our team is expertly-trained to work with the most modern technology and equipment. They understand the ins and outs of the car-repair process and can perform a range of services from something as simple as an oil change to something as complicated as transmission repair. Call, stop by or schedule your next service online to have your vehicle repaired by a trusted staff of professionals.


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